The first Sonic Runway was installed at Burning Man '03/'04 as part of a large scale sound art camp, Sol System. Sixteen steel framed pyramids were spaced out over 1000 feet, emanating from the DJ booth. At the top of each pyramid was a strobe light programmed to flash in sync with the thump of the bass.

16 years later, the new Runway took the same basic concept but with an all new circular design, twice as many gates, greater interactivity, and more intricate visualizations.

Instead of connecting to a single DJ booth, the new Runway was installed in the open playa, with a rotating schedule of large scale sound art cars (and the occasional opera singer!) providing the music. After a successful run at Burning May 2016, the Sonic Runway is making its first international appearance in the middle of downtown Chengdu, China, presented by IFS.